– a portal powered by TrialAssure for housing clinical trial results – has completed its initial proactive effort to create and publish nearly 50,000 AI-generated plain language summaries. The effort included plain language summaries for every clinical trial that has had results posted on the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) website since 2020.

In total, shows approximately 60,680 clinical studies with results from all time. Altogether, there are 471,052 total clinical studies to date, but many do not have results posted. Now that the final wave of posting to is complete, TrialAssure has published approximately 81 percent of all available clinical trials with results available in the United States.

To improve health literacy for all and transparency in the pharmaceutical industry, TrialAssure engaged its proprietary software, TrialAssure LINK® and its generative AI capabilities, to transform the clinical trial results data into easy-to-understand plain language summaries (PLS).

The plain language summary documents were released on in the following five groupings by condition and/or disease:

  • Oncology
  • Metabolic
  • Mental Health and Neurological
  • Respiratory
  • All others

Individuals and organizations interested in delving into specific clinical trials can search all summaries on

TrialResults search for clinical trial results in plain language summary (PLS) format.

Simply inputting a disease name, condition, or study identifier allows users to access any plain language summary from the archive. Every summary credits its study sponsor, directing users to more in-depth information on the corresponding websites.

Visit to access these documents now or contact us with any questions and a demo of our TrialAssure LINK tool.

If you’re a Sponsor and have your own PLS currently written, please email us at and we will link directly to it.

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