Multiple Registries Supported from a Core Dataset

With TrialAssure, you can submit information tailored to, EudraCT, or any other global trial registry from a single data record. This allows you to update information once, and your disclosures around the world will reflect that change.

Software Features Graph

Registry Compliance

Built-in validation rules that mirror registry alerts will ensure your data is accepted by all applicable registries.

Customizable Workflows

Monitor complex international disclosures against preset milestones to ensure your studies remain on track and in compliance.

Intuitive & Traceable Task Ownership

Manage handoffs between disclosure leads, study teams, and other responsible parties to ensure all information is obtained in a timely manner.

Flexible Compliance and Operational Reports

Generate reports to evaluate compliance risks and identify bottlenecks in operational processes. Robust parameters allow you to assess metrics against your own organizational targets.

System Integration Platform

Seamlessly pull data from your Clinical Trial Management System and other sources, eliminating the risk of data entry errors.

Keep Up with Regulations

We provide disclosure services, too. Leverage our expertise to stay informed of impending regulation changes worldwide.