Ensure Compliance with Confidence™ with TrialAssure Registry.

TrialAssure REGISTRY is a premiere clinical trial disclosure and transparency reporting application to help pharmaceutical companies navigate complex global regulatory submissions and reporting challenges. With unmatched domain experience, it helps meet all compliance and transparency goals through a scalable, streamlined platform that regularly adapts to ever-changing global disclosure requirements.

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Continually strengthened with inputs from leading industry compliance experts, TrialAssure REGISTRY contains several modules, including Transparency Tracker™, Clinical Trial Databank, and a Data Utility Center. It is entirely configurable and adaptable to internal business processes, while connecting to all global registries, including ClinicalTrials.gov, EudraCT, and others from a single data record.

Most importantly, TrialAssure REGISTRY allows sponsors to update information once and stay in compliance with all global disclosure requirements.

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TrialAssure Partners with Otsuka Pharmaceutical to Provide Clinical Trial Disclosure Reporting System for Global Pipeline

“Otsuka recognizes the value of TrialAssure’s public registry tracking tool to help us manage our Clinical Trial Disclosure requirements and responsibilities.”

— Annadoir Staveley, Associate Director of Clinical Trial Disclosure & Transparency, Otsuka.

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