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Why TrialAssure?

  • Developed and supported by a leading, global CRO with extensive experience and expertise in navigating the complex path of disclosure compliance
  • Flexible and scalable solution that adapts to your needs and keeps pace with global changes in compliance and reporting requirements
  • Seamlessly integrates with outside systems to help clients leverage existing data, gain efficiencies, and improve reporting accuracy

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Why TrialAssure

Built by transparency experts for pharmaceutical professionals

  • TransparencyTracker

    Transparency Tracker™

    • Automated LifeCycle Workflow Dashboard provides real-time charts to assess progress
    • Custom business metrics and reports ensure you immediately identify studies at risk of non-compliance
    • Robust trial access engine ensures your users view the studies they need
  • Clinical Trial Databank

    Clinical Trial Databank

    • Repurpose a single study data set for up to 17 international registries
    • Registry-specific data validation ensures trial information is submitted in an acceptable format
    • Integrated query and email notification functionality facilitates data review between multiple parties
  • Data Utility Center

    Data Utility Center

    • Import your trial data from your Clinical Trials Management System, Excel, or registry-generated XML files
    • Submit protocol and result disclosures electronically with a single click
    • Extract study-level reports for review and registry submission

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