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Speak to patients and caregivers in their language

LINK® helps you efficiently develop, translate, and publish plain language summaries to meet increasing compliance requirements and the growing public demand for non-technical clinical trial information.

#BeTransparent with clinical trial summaries patients can actually understand

Plain language summaries enhance trial participants’ access to information, ensure compliance and improve your Good Pharma Scorecard rankings.

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Fulfill transparency requirements
30+ countries now require every clinical investigation to include a lay summary of trial methods and results
stopwatch and gear lay summaries with ease
Distribute lay summaries with ease
12 Months
Disseminating lay summaries a year after trial completion required complicated logistics—until now
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Lay summaries in half the time
4 Weeks
Eliminate 4 weeks from the drafting process, and easily distribute to investigational sites and participants

Encapsulate any clinical study in short, easy-to-understand, plain language format

Create ready-to-review summaries

Writing plain language summaries from scratch takes weeks. Now LINK® can do the work for you.

By transforming information from existing sources, TrialAssure’s LINK software generates lay summary language ready for review and editing through advanced machine learning. Sponsors routinely cut 4+ weeks from the process and enable greater transparency and patient engagement.


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Manage workflows

LINK® also serves as a comprehensive project management solution for plain language summaries.

  • Collaborate with remote team members on summary content
  • Track status of each summary and log approvals
  • Automatically publish summaries to an online portal with a single click


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Meet global transparency demands

More and more countries are requiring lay summaries, and investigational sites and participants around the world value them. That means language needs are rapidly diversifying.

Fortunately, LINK® can help you create summary translations that are linguistically, culturally, and contextually accurate.

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Plain Language Summaries with Even Less Hassle

Want to reduce the lay summary workload further? You have to see it to believe it. Talk with one of our experts to see a demo and make clinical trial participant communications easier.

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