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Medical Writing AI Technology for the Pharmaceutical Industry

LINK® AI helps you efficiently develop, translate, and create drafts of clinical, technical, and plain language documents to meet increasing resource demands and transparency compliance requirements across the drug development lifecycle.

Be more efficient in your document creation

The pharmaceutical industry needs more medical writing resources, and LINK AI technology can help your existing medical writers be more efficient throughout the document development lifecycle. At the click of a button, users can create a draft of routine clinical, regulatory, plain language, and other scientific documents. Our tool doesn’t stop at the first draft, as experienced medical writers then efficiently review and further refine each document through completion.

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Expected Medical Writing growth by 2032
$9.4 Billion
Finding qualified resources to meet the 10.4% year-over-year growth is difficult, until now
stopwatch and gear lay summaries with ease
Create documents in a fraction of the time
4 Weeks
Eliminate 4 weeks from the drafting process, and drive consistency in structure, format, and language
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Fulfill transparency requirements
30+ countries now require every clinical investigation to include a lay summary of trial methods and results

LINK AI provides a starting point for your document, every time

Create ready-to-review documents

Writing clinical, technical, and plain language documents from scratch often takes weeks. Now LINK AI jumpstarts the process. 

By digesting information from existing unstructured documents and structured data sources, TrialAssure’s LINK AI software generates drafts of the following document types for review and editing through a blend of advanced Generative AI, machine learning, and traditional techniques:  

  • Plain Language Summaries (PLS), PLS of clinical trial results, PLS of publications, PLS of Clinical Study Protocol, and Informed Consent Forms (ICF) 
  • Clinical and technical documents, including Clinical Study Protocol, Clinical Study Report (CSR), patient safety narratives, and Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP) 
  • Customizable templates, source types, and settings to produce any other document type 

Additional features include:  

  •  Automatically generate graphics and charts 
  • Apply lay term substitution using standard glossaries 
  • Assess readability 
  • Integrated language translation module 
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Manage workflows

LINK AI also serves as a comprehensive project management solution for your documents.

  • Collaborate with team members on all content through completion
  • Track status of each document and log approvals
  • Easily collaborate with remote team members 
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Shorten Timelines

Increased demand for technical resources, as well as transparency, in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries can make meeting timelines and new requirements painful.

When using TrialAssure LINK AI, the efficiencies gained help eliminate redundancies, reduce workload, and lead to better utilization of medical writing resources across internal and external teams.

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Cut 4+ Weeks from Every Document Timeline

Want to reduce your team’s workload further and improve time-to-market? You have to see it to believe it.

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