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Safeguard patient information

Data, document, and image anonymization and redaction technology that empowers you to share information with confidence, knowing that patient and company confidentiality are protected.

#BeTransparent and protect patient privacy at the same time

Many want to foster a collaborative scientific community, but privacy and IP concerns can often complicate matters. ANONYMIZE® enables rapid, accurate data and document anonymization and redaction so you can join the conversation.

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The clinical trial data sharing gap
85% of public research funding is devoted to redundant studies because of lack of data sharing
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Redacted information posted by the EMA
In the 1st year of new EMA regulatory policy, there were 1.2 million pages of redacted information shared.
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Efficiency gain with ANONYMIZE®
Efficiency gain when using ANONYMIZE to redact information from unstructured documents, compared to manual effort

In order to share, you must first protect

Shield structured and unstructured information

ANONYMIZE® employs powerful machine learning to enable you to redact or anonymize unstructured clinical documents, structured datasets, and medical images.

Use ANONYMIZE® to quantify the risk of re-identification and generate risk assessment reports. By anonymizing data and documents together, you save time.

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Maximize data utility

With ANONYMIZE®, you can maximize and maintain the integrity of study data and enable secondary analysis, while applying a range of information-protection measures, including the ability to:

  • Scramble patient IDs
  • Mask private information
  • Change ages to age ranges
  • Engage full or pseudo anonymization
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Meet new compliance requirements

For years, many Sponsors did not post redacted or anonymized trial reports, but new regulations are increasing these transparency demands. Unfortunately, manual redaction of Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, and other files is difficult and time consuming.

Now ANONYMIZE® automates the process, redacting and/or anonymizing information at the same time in the same document, covering:

  • Personal protected information
  • Personal protected data
  • Commercial confidential information
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Do what you do best

With TrialAssure® managed services, you can focus on clinical research and development while we handle your clinical data sharing, disclosure, and transparency functions.

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