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TrialAssure’s Ultimate Transparency Suite assists in navigating complex regulatory submission and reporting challenges through one streamlined clinical trial transparency software platform

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Our Total Transparency Suite

  • Why choose TrialAssure?

    Utilized by leaders in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries, TrialAssure® is a global clinical trial transparency software suite with unparalleled experience in helping Sponsors navigate complex regulatory submission and reporting challenges. TrialAssure makes clinical trial registration, disclosure, data sharing, anonymization, and plain-language summary activities simpler and more straightforward. TrialAssure empowers Sponsors to #BeTransparent by providing tools to meet and exceed regulatory compliance standards and public commitments.

  • Gain deeper ROI from your clinical trial data with our solutions

    TrialAssure enables Sponsors to get a 360-degree view of their entire transparency landscape. Our clinical trial transparency software and tools provide your organization with the ability to visualize compliance status, manage workloads and resource allocations proactively, and leverage teams more effectively. With one data source for all of your clinical transparency and disclosure deliverables, you can be rest assured that duplication, errors, and data silos are never a bottleneck in your operational process.

  • Stay on the forefront of regulatory changes

    TrialAssure’s clinical trial transparency software suite has built-in alignment with all registry and regulatory requirements so that your outputs are acceptable to all external parties. Our team of industry experts keeps clients informed on impending regulation changes worldwide, allowing you to have confidence that your organization is in compliance now and in the future.

  • Navigate complex clinical trial disclosure and transparency regulatory submission and reporting challenges

    Ensure COMPLIANCE WITH CONFIDENCE™ with TrialAssure REGISTRY. Submit information tailored to, EudraCT, or any other global trial registry with the click of a button. Update information once in a single data record and your disclosures around the world will reflect that change! REGISTRY is entirely configurable and adaptable to internal business processes, including automation for over 40 global registries.

  • How TrialAssure improves study pipeline management

    Our interactive workflows and data visualization tools help organizations meet and exceed transparency goals. Designed by industry experts, our powerful clinical trial transparency platform is uniquely equipped to significantly improve processes and team management. Manage handoffs between disclosure leads, study teams, and other responsible parties to ensure that all information is obtained in a timely manner. With TrialAssure as your technology solution, your organization will always be ahead of the curve.

  • How TrialAssure benefits patient and caregiver engagement

    In today’s digital age, patients and caregivers expect easy access to information and transparency from clinical trials. TrialAssure allows you to develop, translate, and distribute easy-to-understand plain-language summaries in less than half the time. With TrialAssure, you’ll be able to meet global demand for non-technical clinical trial information dissemination, provide greater transparency, and promote patient engagement.

Protect confidential patient information and share clinical trial results with confidence

TrialAssure empowers Sponsors to share clinical trial information with the assurance that patient and company confidentiality are protected. Sponsors can redact or anonymize unstructured clinical documents, structured datasets, and medical images utilizing powerful machine-learning technology. Our tool helps Sponsors quantify the risk of re-identification and generate risk assessment reports to ensure regulatory compliance. By utilizing ANONYMIZE, Sponsors are able to meet transparency needs while saving significant time.

Streamline clinical trial registration and disclosure

REGISTRY simplifies the clinical trial registration and disclosure process through a streamlined e-registration tool. Create, file, and manage trial multiple clinical trial registrations and results disclosures across the globe in one simple, integrated platform. Save time by consolidating your clinical trial registration and disclosure workload into one intuitive system.

Communicate with Trial Participants and Caregivers in Their Language

By transforming information from existing sources, TrialAssure’s LINK software generates lay summary language ready for review and editing through advanced machine learning. Sponsors routinely cut 4+ weeks from the process and enable greater transparency and patient engagement.

Your One-Stop Location for Tracking Global Compliance Across All Clinical Trials

BEACON empowers Sponsors with valuable insight on global compliance and helps them navigate responsibilities across the entire transparency landscape, including protocol registrations and results disclosures, clinical data sharing, document anonymization, and plain-language summaries.

The Ultimate Transparency Suite

TrialAssure’s total transparency suite is an award-winning, global clinical trial disclosure and transparency software reporting suite with unmatched experience in helping clients navigate complex regulatory submission and reporting challenges. TrialAssure helps Sponsors meet regulatory compliance goals through a flexible, scalable, and streamlined platform that supports trial registration, disclosure, data sharing, anonymization, and plain-language summary activities.
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End-to-End Clinical Trial Disclosure and Data Transparency with Industry-leading Technology Solutions and Services

Our talented team is uniquely equipped to provide innovative technology solutions to revolutionize clinical trial transparency for medical device companies, biotech firms, academic institutions, and other organizations that fund or sponsor clinical trials.

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