Our Mission: Facilitate Transparency for the Entire Pharmaceutical Industry

TrialAssure is dedicated to providing the best end-to-end clinical trial disclosure and data transparency technology

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#BeTransparent Isn’t Just Our Hashtag, It’s Who We Are

TrialAssure is a global clinical trial disclosure and transparency suite dedicated to providing clients with the tools to meet and exceed regulatory compliance standards. Our talented team is dedicated to bringing innovative technology solutions to evolve clinical trial transparency for medical device companies, biotech firms, academic institutions, and other organizations that fund or sponsor clinical trials. TrialAssure believes that data transparency advances science and the development of new medicines. We have a responsibility and obligation to make information about clinical trials available in a way that protects patients’ privacy while also advancing scientific research.

As Global Compliance Guidance Turns to Regulation, Organizations Have to Adapt

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New Compliance Requirements

Global health authorities are rolling out more stringent requirements that all Sponsors of clinical trials will have to adhere to. TrialAssure provides expert guidance for registries across the globe and keeps clients up to date on all new requirements.

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Regulations Evolve Constantly

While many in the industry only focus on the biggest contributors to transparency policy such as the United State’s FDA, the PMDA in Japan, or Health Canada, TrialAssure monitors all existing and new regulations for registries across the globe.

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Many Trials Are Out of Compliance Now

For example, 34% of clinical trials sponsored by academic institutions and similar research groups are not in timing compliance according to AllTrials.

Clinical Trial Compliance

Compliance Issues

Clinical Trial transparency can be difficult if done manually or by trying to use multiple systems that do not communicate with one another. This compounds reporting issues and processes when Sponsors adapt transparency initiatives for new disclosures, guidance, or regulations coming into effect. This can lead to a backlog of work and global health authorities impose penalties for every day they are late sharing clinical trial details and data.

TrialAssure Solves Compliance Issues Seamlessly

TrialAssure’s total transparency suite provides technology and services to meet all transparency/data sharing needs with an all-in-one seamless system—no more spreadsheets or data corruption across multiple platforms.

TrialAssure helps meet regulatory compliance goals through a flexible, scalable, and streamlined platform that supports:

  • Trial registration
  • Disclosure
  • Data sharing
  • Anonymization
  • Plain language summary activities



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