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Simplify clinical trial registration and results disclosure

TrialAssure REGISTRY® is a start-to-finish e-registration tool for creating, filing, and managing clinical trial registrations and results disclosure around the globe.

All registries handled with one portal

Reduce your trial registration and disclosure workload and consolidate obligations to multiple global trial registries with one system.

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Stay ahead of record update deadlines
30 days
Deadline to update record when investigational site closes
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EMA launching date for a new clinical trial registry platform
Scheduled release of new EMA registry platform with new requirements
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21-day protocol registration with TrialAssure REGISTRY
Improvement in meeting 21-day protocol registration target with TrialAssure REGISTRY

Tame the trial registration chaos

Streamline deliverables

REGISTRY® puts a complete registration and disclosure toolset at your fingertips.

  • Integrate with your CTMS, data warehouse, or other sources to complete registrations and disclosures.
  • Use form-based data entry to tailor outputs for dozens of registries worldwide.
  • Tap a single data record and file electronically to multiple registries.
  • Receive immediate feedback on missing or out-of-compliance elements.
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Register trials anywhere on Earth

The REGISTRY® rules engine reflects the requirements of nearly 40 major registries, including, EudraCT, and numerous national registries.

Rules are continually updated by TrialAssure’s transparency experts to keep pace with changing registry requirements, allowing you to remain compliant in a constantly evolving landscape.

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Configure and manage workflows

Oversee clinical trial registration and results postings and augment built-in regulatory intelligence with your organization’s own processes and custom registries. Intuitive dashboards show workflow steps and track the status of each study.

  • Registry assessment
  • Validation
  • Quality checks
  • Review cycles
  • Approvals
  • Regulatory authority comments
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An innovative registration and disclosure solution

Turn to TrialAssure’s transparency experts to ensure that the latest updates and needs in global clinical trial registration and results disclosures are covered. Our software can handle intricate, multi-step workflows and adapt to your requirements and roles with ease.

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