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Transform Your Transparency with TrialAssure®

TrialAssure® is a global, award-winning clinical trial and human health data transparency suite. TrialAssure helps meet regulatory compliance goals through a flexible, scalable, and streamlined platform that supports clinical trial registration, results disclosure, data sharing, anonymization, and plain language summary activities.

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    Compliance with Confidence™
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    Compliance with Confidence™

    REGISTRY® is a powerful clinical trial disclosure and transparency reporting application designed to assist companies in navigating complex global clinical trial registration, clinical trial results disclosure, and understanding and ensuring compliance of those activities. Meet compliance and transparency goals through a scalable platform that regularly adapts to changing global requirements.

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    Analyze Global Transparency Compliance in One Place

    Analyze Global Transparency Compliance in One Place

    BEACON™ is your central, one-stop location to track global transparency compliance across the myriad of transparency requirements and guidelines, while ensuring public access to clinical trial information. BEACON’s flexible, built-in rules engine provides a simple intuitive dashboard interface showing status, including compliance, across all of your transparency activities. And, with custom configuration, BEACON incorporates a Sponsor’s internal workflows, processes, timeframes, and internal benchmarks.

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    Plain Language Summaries… Anything But Plain
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    Plain Language Summaries… Anything But Plain

    LINK® allows Sponsors to efficiently develop, translate, and distribute plain language summaries to meet increasing compliance requirements and the growing public demand for non-technical clinical trial information. LINK produces summaries in less than half the time and enables easy distribution to investigational sites and participants.

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    Anonymize Trial Data and Documents Simply and Efficiently

    Anonymize Trial Data and Documents Simply and Efficiently

    ANONYMIZE® for data and document anonymization and redaction empowers Sponsors to responsibly share clinical trial data and information with confidence. With ANONYMIZE, Sponsors have the unique ability to maintain the integrity of clinical trial data and information, facilitate secondary research, and employ state-of-the-art security to ensure the privacy of clinical trial participants and Sponsors alike. ANONYMIZE is entirely configurable to Sponsor specifications and it is architected for scale and the future of transparency, including the ability to leverage and utilize Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Artificial Intelligence.

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Our Reputation Speaks Volumes

TrialAssure has a simple mission – to help the entire clinical research industry fulfill our collective commitment to #BeTransparent, and to provide researchers and patients with relevant and accessible clinical trial data and information. TrialAssure provides fast, affordable, and state-of-the-art technology and service solutions tailored to the ever-evolving pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. With over a decade of experience working closely with industry regulators, advocacy groups, and global registries, TrialAssure’s Ultimate Transparency Suite helps Sponsors meet and exceed transparency and disclosure compliance. Partner with TrialAssure to embark on your Transparency Transformation!

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Clinical trials managed with the TrialAssure Transparency Suite
Our platform is widely used and supported by industry leaders with hundreds of clinical trials worldwide and counting!
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Leading pharma and biotech companies we support
Eight of the top 10 clinical development companies in the world, along with many other Sponsors of all sizes, all utilize TrialAssure!
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Global registries supported within TrialAssure
40 major global registries track in TrialAssure including ClinicalTrials.gov, EudraCT, and numerous others.

The Premiere Portal for Sponsors to Share Plain Language (or “Lay”) Summaries with Clinical Trial Participants

TrialResults.com is a game-changer for sponsors who do not have the facility to disseminate their clinical trial results. Our easy-to-use portal allows trial participants to access the plain language summaries in any region of the world and in their native language with ease.

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