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Reduce FOIA Backlogs Within Government Faster

At TrialAssure, we are dedicated to fostering greater public transparency while safeguarding sensitive and classified data. As a global leader in data transparency software and services, we offer fast, affordable, and intelligent solutions tailored to the unique needs of government, including the ability to reduce backlogs up to 80% faster with AI technology.

Empowering Government Transparency

Now, it’s possible to automate the process of redacting, anonymizing, or masking non-commercial and commercially confidential information (CCI) and personal protected data with our proprietary TRUSANO AI technology.

Our AI-powered data and document anonymization, redaction, and masking software allows users to transform documents into publicly shareable assets in minutes, not hours!

A fully-configurable system architecture allows users to scale and adjust to their needs and risk assessment reports are generated automatically. This AI technology is market-tested and proven in the pharmaceutical industry, and it is now available for government use to reduce FOIA backlogs.

Experience Quicker FOIA Processing & Unparalleled Efficiency

  • FOIA & Privacy Act Expertise
    • Proven track record of handling extensive industry FOIA requests
    • Reducing backlogs for data and documents with AI
    • Enhancing transparency
  • Risk-Based Quality & Compliance
    • We adhere to a comprehensive audit and feedback systems
    • ISO 9001:2015 certified
    • FedRAMP compliant
  • Document Security & Redaction

    Utilization of cutting-edge technology for:

    • Secure document handling
    • Redaction
    • Confidentiality of sensitive information
  • AI-Enablement & Content Authoring

    TRUSANO AI and our robust IT infrastructure are purposefully designed to:

    • Meet the demands of FOIA request processing through the use of AI
    • Feature advanced security protocols
    • Provide scalable solutions to handle sensitive government data effectively

Experience the power of TrialAssure’s solutions firsthand!

Request a demo and see how our AI technology can improve FOIA request processing, providing faster, more efficient, and secure solutions for government use.

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