Redact or Anonymize Unstructured Clinical Trial Documents

TrialAssure ANONYMIZE for Documents is an anonymization application for reports and documents that gives sponsors the ability to redact or anonymize unstructured documents associated with clinical trials, including Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word formats. In addition to the anonymized document, risk scores and assessment reports are generated.

This application also leverages rules and machine learning applied within TrialAssure ANONYMIZE for Data – the anonymization application for datasets – when both applications are implemented.

This revolutionary technology replaces the age-old manual redaction process and is entirely configurable to sponsor templates, style guides, and specifications, regularly learning new anonymization and redaction rules.

TrialAssure ANONYMIZE for Documents creates a compliant, shareable document from the original file according to learned and customized rules.

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Answers To Common Clinical Trial Transparency Questions

To answer some growing transparency questions, we turn to Zach Weingarden, Product Solutions Manager at TrialAssure to shed light on common transparency issues in clinical trials and where the future of the industry is headed.

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