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Interim Clinical Study Results

Attention Sponsors, Be Prepared to Publish Your Interim Clinical Study Results

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Coworkers working on clinical trials lay summaries trialassure link

New TrialAssure LINK Technology Saves Up to 4 Weeks from Plain Language Summary Writing

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EU Clinical Trials Regulation Blog

EU Clinical Trials Regulation: The Need for Coordination by Sponsors

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plain language summary graphic lay summary two doctors look at a tablet

Ultimate Guide for Creating Effective Plain Language (Lay) Summary Graphics

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EU Regulation Blog

Why You Should Update Your Clinical Trial Disclosure Policy for the EU Clinical Trials Regulation and ICMJE Requirements Now

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CSR pilot FDA releases first clinical study report in data transparency pilot program trialassure fdaaa section 801 requirements fdaaa trials tracker

FDA Issues its First Action for Non-Compliance with ClinicalTrials.Gov FDAAA Section 801 Requirements

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health checks on all applications at regular

What Is IT Governance And Why Does It Propel Massive Growth?

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Certara Adopts TrialAssure ANONYMIZE Solution

Certara Adopts TrialAssure ANONYMIZE Solution to Speed Life Science Industry Need to Meet Regulatory Requirements for Data Sharing

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trialassure data sharing EMA COVID-19 assessments Clinical Trials Information System (CTIS), a new European trial registry due CTIS EU Clinical Trial Regulation

This week in transparency news: February 12-26, 2021

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Businesses Should Continually Re-Evaluate Application Vendors

Don’t Get Too Comfortable With Your Technology Vendors And Applications

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