Knowing which countries to submit clinical trial results summaries to is the easy part. What becomes difficult is learning the intricacies and transparency requirements of every clinical trial registry globally, including the National Registry of Health Research (ReNIS). Here is an overview of this registry:

Registry name: National Registry of Health Research (ReNIS)

Country: Argentina

Year established: 2011

Points of interest:

  • In Argentina, there are several publicly-accessible clinical trial registries for specific areas (such as Córdoba, Mendoza, and Buenos Aires), but ReNIS is the national registry for clinical trial disclosure
  • ReNIS was established in 2011 by a resolution of the Ministry of Health within the scope of National Health Research Committee
  • ReNIS requires specific information about the study, the ethics committee, study sites, and sponsors
  • The objective of the registry is to provide the public with updated information regarding health research studies, encouraging research transparency
  • ReNIS is approved by the National Administration of Medicines, Food, and Medical Technology (ANMAT), part of Argentina’s Ministry of Health, and the registry of sponsors is mandatory for clinical pharmacology studies regulated by ANMAT
  • Users of the registry can perform basic or advanced searches and contact the main doctor or research center in the “public contact” tab
  • To register a study with ReNIS, you must be registered as a researcher or sponsor. Step-by-step registration details can be found here.

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