Knowing which countries to submit clinical trial results summaries to is the easy part. What becomes difficult is learning the intricacies and transparency requirements of every clinical trial registry globally, including the South African Clinical Trials Register (SANCTR). Here is an overview of this registry:

Registry name: South African Clinical Trials Register (SANCTR)

Country: South Africa

Year established: 2005

Points of interest:

  • The SANCTR provides the general public with updated information regarding clinical trials taking place in South Africa.
  • In 2005, the South Africa Department of Health (DoH) required all clinical trials conducted within the country to be registered on SANCTR.
  • Many clinical trials registered on SANCTR study bacterial and fungal diseases.
  • SANCTR was developed by the Wits Health Consortium (WHC) and additional grant funding.
  • SANCTR is a partner registry of the Pan-African Clinical Trials Register (PACTR).
  • The registry contains both interventional and non-interventional studies.
  • SANCTR is currently undergoing redevelopment, as of 23 July 2019. This process includes data migration, understanding the process flow, and reviewing stakeholder consultation to ensure SANCTR meets international standards and South Africa’s needs.
  • SANCTR contains both interventional and non-interventional clinical trials.

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