Knowing which countries to submit clinical trial results summaries to is the easy part. What becomes difficult is learning the intricacies and transparency requirements of every clinical trial registry globally, including the Sri Lanka Clinical Trials Registry (SLCTR). Here is an overview of this registry:

Registry name: Sri Lanka Clinical Trials Registry (SLCTR)

Country: Sri Lanka

Year established: 2006

Points of interest:

  • The SLCTR is managed by the Sri Lanka Medical Association and welcomes clinical trials conducted in Sri Lanka and overseas.
  • The SLCTR was the first functioning clinical trials registry in South Asia.
  • The registry was recognized in 2008 as a Primary Registry Network of the International Clinical Trials Registry Platform of the World Health Organization.
  • Despite its limited resources, Sri Lanka sets an example in the region in clinical trial registration.
  • The SLCTR has helped reinvigorate the research community in Sri Lanka, especially on the topics of clinical trials.
  • In the first 10 years of operation, the SLCTR registered 210 clinical trials, a majority of which were randomized controlled trials and most Principal Investigators were affiliated with a university.
  • The SLCTR does not accept observational studies.
  • The investigator must complete an online form to register a study, and the ethics review committee must approve before the enrollment of subjects.

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