Transparency in clinical trials is continually changing, and to stay on top of the news, TrialAssure brings a weekly round-up of some of the key stories surrounding disclosures in clinical trials. This week’s stories are as follows:

Update on review time for records with results –

Quality control review of all records with results will now take fewer than 30 days. Additionally, the government registry has identified a workaround for PRS users who experience crashes when using Google Chrome.

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Clinical trials need more transparency for patients – Medscape

Mark A. Lewis, MD makes the case for increased clinical trial transparency in today’s information age. Lewis believes that patients should have access to clinical trial results that shape their physician’s medical opinions.

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 EC offers further clarity on clinical trial regulation – Regulatory Focus

The European Commission (EC) updated guidance on upcoming clinical trial regulations. The commission answered common questions regarding requests for information (RFIs), the public availability of assessment reports, and more.

Zachary Brennan has the full story

Canton clinical trial software provider rolls out anonymization tool – Tech Century

TrialAssure recently announced the limited release of ANONYMIZE R, a clinical trial transparency tool that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to protect patient data. This is the software provider’s latest addition to its transparency suite.

Read Matt Roush’s piece in Tech Century

Making it Public in Parliament – a blog by Juliet Tizzard – NHS Health Research Authority

Juliet Tizzard, Director of Policy at the NHS Health Research Authority, penned a blog about giving oral evidence to a parliamentary select committee about improving health research transparency. The Make It Public campaign, along with the help of other community members, aims to improve clinical trial reporting.

Read Juliet’s blog here

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