Why TrialAssure

The flexibility you need. The capabilities you expect.

TrialAssure is a global clinical trial disclosures and transparency reporting software with unmatched experience in helping clients navigate complex regulatory submission and reporting challenges. TrialAssure helps meet compliance goals by providing a flexible, scalable, and streamlined platform that regularly adapts to ever-changing disclosure requirements. TrialAssure is continually strengthened by leading industry compliance experts.

TrialAssure is a flexible and scalable solution that adapts to your needs and keeps pace with global changes in compliance and clinical trial reporting requirements. TrialAssure seamlessly integrates with outside systems to help you leverage existing data, gain efficiencies, and improve reporting accuracy.

TrialAssure is trusted by leading global pharma

“I have worked for a few pharma companies in my career, and clinical trial disclosures have always been difficult projects for each company to manage. I am comforted that I can lean on TrialAssure for your expertise in this area.”
— Midsize pharma, disclosures

Key Benefits of TrialAssure

Allows you to manage your entire disclosure workflow with a proven, proprietary process.

Customize each step to meet the needs of your organization.


Utilize role-based actions and notification to streamline reporting.


Summarize your information with validation checks and configurable timing metrics for internal and external requirements.