Knowing which countries to submit clinical trial results summaries to is the easy part. What becomes difficult is learning the intricacies and transparency requirements of every clinical trial registry globally, including the National Medical Research Register (NMRR). Here is an overview of this registry:

Registry name: National Medical Research Register (NMRR)

Country: Malaysia

Year established: 2007

Points of interest:

  • The NMRR is managed by Malaysia’s Ministry of Health (MOH)
  • Research involving human subjects requires prior review and approval by the Medial Research and Ethics Committee (MREC)
  • The NMRR is designed to enable the online registration of medical research, especially clinical trials. The registry is publicly-accessible to ensure transparency.
  • The NMRR sends online submissions to the appropriate authority for approval, thus reducing the research review time and allows investigators to track the status of their research
  • Registered clinical trials in Malaysia will be published in the Directory of Medical Research on the NMRR website
  • Participating investigators must also be registered on the NMRR, in the Directory of Clinical Investigator & Medical Researchers. This is to help investigators identify potential collaborators.
  • The NMRR also links to ethics approval and MOH medical research grant application
  • The registry also helps researchers apply to the MREC and for MOH research grants
  • According to the Malaysian Medical Association, the NMRR is the first research register in the world that links research proposal registration to ethical review and research grant application
  • The NMRR’s future goal is to be linked to publication

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