Transparency in clinical trials is continually changing, and to stay on top of the news, TrialAssure brings a weekly round-up of some of the key stories surrounding disclosures in clinical trials. This week’s stories are as follows:

UK explores feasibility of 100% trial registration rates in major transparency push – Pink Sheet

The United Kingdom’s Health Research Authority plans to devise a strategy this year to make improvements in research transparency. The Authority will focus on clinical trial registration and making results public.

Read the full article by Vibha Sharma on Pink Sheet

What is IT governance and why does it propel massive growth? – Forbes

TrialAssure CIO Mohamad Zahreddine describes IT governance and how it strengthens the culture of a company. Effective governance allows subject matter experts to work with an entrepreneurial mindset to manage systems or processes.

Read Mohamad’s full article on Forbes

New course in blockchain for health care –

Jefferson University recently announced the addition of a graduate-level certification for blockchain in healthcare. The Pennsylvania University claims this certification to be the first in the United States, in which students will learn about privacy, ethics, and transparency in the medical industry and the benefits of blockchain in the industry.

Learn more about this course via

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