Transparency in clinical trials is continually changing, and to stay on top of the news, TrialAssure brings a weekly round-up of some of the key stories surrounding disclosures in clinical trials. This week’s stories are as follows:

Together, data scientists set standards to solve clinical trial data challenges – PHUSE

Stephen Bamford, PHUSE founder and chairman of the board, explains why he founded the non-profit back in 2004. Today, PHUSE has nearly 10,000 global members and provides a collaborative forum in which stakeholders can address data science needs for health product development.

Read the latest news from PHUSE

Columbia needs to do a better job at reporting clinical trials results– Columbia Spectator

Recent graduate Samik Upadhaya of Columbia University penned an op-ed explaining his views on the university’s low clinical trial reporting rate. Upadhaya claims that greater data transparency is beneficial to patients, while also identifying a real-world negative consequence from unreported results.

Read Samik Upadhaya’s op-ed here

TrialAssure’s ANONYMIZE DS patient data anonymization tool built with machine learning is now publicly available – BioSpace

After its limited release in February 2019, TrialAssure fine-tuned its industry-leading patient anonymization tool. ANONYMIZE DS uses machine learning to anonymize clinical trial data and is now fully available to the public.

Learn more about ANONYMIZE DS on BioSpace

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